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Great trade show graphics are a crucial component of outstanding display. In fact, here at Exhibe, we believe that having the right graphics can be the difference between a successful trade show and an unsuccessful one. Many exhibitors aren’t aware of this fact, believing that the money and time spent graphics aren’t all that important. This is one of the main reasons that their booths can end up falling flat and failing to attract the customers they had hoped for.

The Key to Successful Trade Show

The key to successful trade show marketing is you, the exhibitor, being able to make a strong impression in a short amount of time. People these days have very short attention spans and are constantly bombarded with competing advertising messages. If you don’t find a way to draw their attentions in the few precious seconds you have, they will quickly move on. Potential leads and customers are lost because of the lack of value that you have placed on your exhibit and the message it conveys to the show attendees.

Think about how many different businesses are at the average trade show, all competing to gain the attention of the show attendees, just like you.

Every person who passes by your stand without engaging has to be looked at as a missed opportunity. Therefore, eye-catching and appealing graphics are essential to the trade show success of your business. You goal should be to attract as much qualified traffic as possible.

It’s All About Perception

The reason for having great trade show display graphics is that they make such a big difference in the perception of your exhibit. In fact, well designed signage and graphics provide a good opportunity to build branding, trust, as well as set you apart from the competition. By having a strong brand identity you demonstrate to show visitors that your business is worthwhile and compares favorably with the others. The artwork used on your exhibit help to create a subconscious link between your brand and products, and, as a result, can help pull in new leads and customers for your business.

Brand Identities

Branding is one of the most important things you can do for the development of your business. Look at the world’s most successful companies such as Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, McDonalds etc. What do they all have in common? They have extremely well-developed brand identities, and graphics that support that identity. In fact, their branding is so powerful that it often transcends national borders, languages, and cultures. Your goal should be to achieve the same (albeit on a smaller scale) with the use of vibrant trade show graphics and brand elements utilized in your exhibition display.

Create A Strong Impression With Graphics

The right graphics are eye-catching and will create a strong enough

impression on your potential customers. The brand will be imprinted into their minds far longer than if they were to see a bland, unspringing presentation.

Whether you use a high-end custom booth, or a portable exhibit, attractive branded images are at the heart of a successful outcome. Without vibrant well thought out artwork and signage, you are going to struggle to create brand identity, nurture desired recognition, and stand out from other exhibitors. Think of trade shows you may have gone to in the past. You might recall that the most popular displays are often the ones with the best, most visually appealing graphics. They are standouts at sea of bland displays. You can probably even remember the logos, graphics, and branding elements of exceptional displays that you have encountered. This is the power of visually impressive images and hence your display should strive to achieve the same effect.

Exhibe Produces Great Looking Artwork

Our business, Exhibe, is a premier provider of trade show graphics and exhibits. We have a strong history of producing impactful visuals for your display. Our company worked with many clients to help them achieve great success in their trade show marketing efforts. We take pride in designing trade show exhibits and artwork that communicates your branded company message. Finally, we strive to make your business look unique and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Our trade show graphics and custom exhibits are created uniquely for each client, and are tailored to perfectly fit your needs. We do all kinds of artwork, including large format printing, 3D lettering, hanging signs and more.

 Exhibe has been in business for over 30 years. We have gained a long list of happy clients with successful trade show results. Therefore, becoming our partner you can have a confidence that your marketing efforts will have a great outcome.

Attractive Display Graphics

Good display graphics are paramount to the success of your pitch, so don’t take them for granted. If you’re going to invest the time and money into exhibiting, you need to make sure that your display graphics perform the following two functions. First of all, they need to be up to the job of attracting people to your exhibit. And the second, they must make people remember your brand (so that they are more receptive to follow up efforts). The team at Exhibe are experts in this area. So call on us for advice and solutions for trade show graphics and branding.

Talk to the team Exhibe today about how your business can use the power of graphics to enhance your branding. With great looking branded visuals, consequently, you are sure to be more successful at the expo.

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It is our goal to develop for you an innovative custom design and a dynamic, one-of-a-kind display. An exhibit that will draw prospects to your booth and leave them with a positive lasting impression of your company.

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