Trade show marketing is an effective channel to generate new business, expand your reach, and build valuable connections. If done right, your business can reap truly incredible rewards. However, marketing at trade shows has always had a reputation for being. The cost of procuring an exhibit, as well as transporting it to different venues, setting it up, and then packing it down can certainly all add up. Because of this reputation, many businesses are put off the idea of exhibiting at trade shows – meaning that they miss out on all the amazing benefits and opportunities that this powerful channel offers. But what if we told you that there is a perfect option for getting started with trade show marketing at a lower cost, and with much less hassle? Wouldn’t that be fantastic? We are glad to present you portable trade show displays which are perfect for any kind of show, easy to set up and maintain. If you are looking for a wide selection of lightweight portable booths such as pop up displays, banner stands and more check out a portable division of our company- Exhibe Portable and their portable trade show display products.

Portable Exhibits Are The Perfect Entry Level Booths

If you’re looking to get started with trade show marketing, then portable trade show displays could be the perfect answer for your needs. Offering a number of exciting benefits, a portable exhibit gives you the chance to kick off with marketing at trade shows for a reduced initial cost, and with less effort to set up your display.

Whether you are new to exhibiting or a veteran our portable exhibits provide you with a great display that can be used for many years. These booths are made with quality materials that impart incredible sturdiness and durability. To make your portable trade show displays stand out it is vital to use professionally designed graphics produced for your display. Not only does this make your booth look more welcoming but helps aid in branding your company.

Benefits of Portable Display Booths

There are many great advantages that come with choosing portable trade show displays, such as:

  • Light weight: Say goodbye to heaving around heavy exhibit elements – popup/portable displays are light and highly space efficient. Spend less time hauling and more time selling.

  • Easy to transport: Drayage costs can be one of the most expensive components of trade show marketing, especially if you are exhibiting regularly in multiple locations. Because portable displays are so easy to transport, you’ll enjoy less hassle and reduced transport costs.
  • One person setup: If you think that you need an army of staff to run an effective exhibit, then think again! With a portable, pop-up display, you can make the most of needing only one person to set up (leaving other staff to prepare better for presenting and selling, or reducing labor requirements).
  • Economically priced: Dip your toes into the incredibly powerful world of trade show marketing at a lower price than purchasing a fully-fledged custom exhibit. Not only do you get portability – you also get exceptional value.
  • Ideal for graphics and visual aids: Using the right trade show graphics will help get your brand across to potential customers, generating you more business and making a lasting impact. If your branding relies heavily on the use of graphics, then a popup exhibit can be a great option.

Why Choose Exhibe Corporation For Your Portable Trade Show Display?

When it comes to getting a portable display for your own business, it’s important to work with a professional team who can create an exhibit that fulfils your high standards. That’s why you need to choose Exhibe! With many years’ experience at creating a diverse range of trade show exhibits (including custom exhibits and rentals, as well as portable options) our expert team can help sort you out with the perfect exhibit for your needs. Give the friendly team at Exhibe a call today, and find out just how effective a portable trade show exhibit can be.

Lightweight and Effective Marketing Tools

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Check out all our services that not only help you to have an outstanding display but also make your exhibiting a breeze

We offer a complete in-house exhibit design department with a well known reputation for innovation. Our design services include conceptual renderings, scale models, detailed blue prints and state-of-the-art 3D CAD system. Dare to be different!

It is our goal to develop for you an innovative custom design and a dynamic, one-of-a-kind display. An exhibit that will draw prospects to your booth and leave them with a positive lasting impression of your company.

Our extensive rental program offer you a wide variety of booths to choose from. From a 10′ x 10′ portable display to a larger 50′ x 50′ exhibit island exhibit. We have the components and expertise to put you on the show floor with an attractive and very effective rental exhibit.

Add impact to your display. Professionally formatted trade show graphics draw attention and attract clientele. Let Exhibe create vibrant looking graphics for your next show or event. These large format graphics will surely help you standout. To learn more about our graphic production proces simply click the button ‘read more’.

Tired of handling the stress of ordering your show services or you are new to exhibiting and don’t even know where to begin?  Let us at Exhibe Corporation help guide you through this tedious process. We have over 30 years in aiding our clients with shipping logistics, show labor, supervision and much more.