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Exhibé Corporation is an award winning trade show display design company. We are leaders in making some of the best, unique and creative displays within the industry. Our company prides itself on conceptualizing booths that not only meet your specifications but also act as a branded storefront. We have an in-house expert exhibit booth design team responsible for generating our project ideas. When your company needs a conceptual design and rendering for a 10×10 display or larger we are here to help you. Our designers strive to work in close cooperation with our clients to come up with a model that is intended to fit your marketing needs and budget, not ours.

Experienced Exhibit Designers

Our exhibit designers are truly experts in their field. They are extremely knowledgeable about the show rules and regulations and have a great understanding of material uses and costs. As a result, this data allows them to create an innovative, one of a kind trade show display that will surely set you apart from other companies at the next show.

Quality Approach

We take pride in each and every exhibit we produce. When constructing our displays we take quality over quantity approach, which means we are in the search of making our products more efficient and cost effective. Working in the industry that is constantly evolving making us be on top of new trends and techniques that not only help you standout but can also minimize

your budget. Working in the industry that is constantly evolving making us be on top of new trends and techniques evolving making us be on top of new trends and techniques that not only help you standout but can also minimize your budget. evolving making us be on top of new trends and techniques that not only help you standout but can also minimize your budget. One of the ways to reduce costs is through fabricating lighter weight exhibits using such materials as aluminum extrusion and fabric graphics that can save you money without compromising appearance.

Realistic Exhibit Design Expectations

A well-designed display will attract visitors and also leave a lasting impression in their minds long after the show. However, you should have realistic expectations when it comes to getting a custom trade show exhibit design. Many businesses tend to draw inspiration in exhibits with all the bells and whistles without having a proper budget at their disposal for this type of a display. But the truth is that you don’t need to have an expensive booth to be successful. Our job is to help you decide on what is an essential need for your upcoming show. Hence why, among other things, we ask you to provide a budget. This will help keep our exhibit designers on schedule. In addition, a proper budget will ensure you get the highest quality exhibit booth design at the best possible price.

Why Choose Exhibe Corporation For Your Exhibit Booth Design Needs?

  • Unique and innovative projects
  • Over 30 years of exhibit booth design experience
  • State of the art CAD software
  • In house design staff
  • In house custom exhibit builders
  • Personalized customer service
  • Work within budget parameters

We take the worry out exhibiting! When it comes to the trade show industry we have pretty much seen it all. So we are prepared to handle any project you throw our way. With over 30 years of exhibition experience we would love the opportunity to showcase what we can do.

The Creative Design Process Starts in San Diego

The creative process is implemented in our San Diego office but we find inspiration from all over the world. Even if you are not located near our business we still can serve you in creating high-quality and modern design projects. We have created many displays that have been shipped nationwide and even overseas. Technology has made it easier to service clients from all over the sphere, however it is always more beneficial to personally communicate with clients in a face-to-face meeting. Therefore here at Exhibe we feel it’s the best way for us to convey our display vision and give you insights on type of exhibiting experience we can provide your business with.

Lets Get Started With Your Trade Show Exhibit Design!

We believe that the most effective way to fully satisfy our customers in creating the best displays for their business is through close cooperation and communication between our design team and clients. Hence why we gladly invite our dear clients to our San Diego office so that they can participate in a creative process, discuss all the aspects and their ideas with our designers and also see and feel the colors and textures of the materials that we will utilize to produce a one of a kind exhibition display.

Creative thoughts that become a reality
through our exhibit design and production capabilities
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It is our goal to develop for you an innovative custom design and a dynamic, one-of-a-kind display. An exhibit that will draw prospects to your booth and leave them with a positive lasting impression of your company.