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It is no doubt that exhibit rentals provide excellent opportunities to attend trade shows having an attractive booth without the need to invest in its acquisition. However, the range of displays available for rent is more meager than that of booths that you can purchase or order to be built specifically for you. This fact can make an exhibitor think if the standard renting options are enough to present the company in the most favorable light. Fortunately, for those who want their display to be focused around their brands and products, we offer our services of custom trade show display rentals.

How Custom trade Show Display Rentals Differs From Regular Rental Exhibits

Unlike standard exhibit rentals that provide off-the-shelf display products, with custom display rentals you can have a truly unique piece. You need to specify what look and features your desired exhibit should have and we will select the rental elements to match your requirements. If a booth or a certain parts of it are not available in our inventory, we will custom build them for you. Thus, by combining standard parts with custom elements you can achieve the look and feel of an exclusive display. As a result, you will have a truly unique piece but for fraction of price of a custom booth.

Advantages of Custom Display Rentals

Be different from your competitors. When expo centers are crowded with cookie-cutter displays, you have a change to stand out. Custom trade show display rentals are designed to meet your needs rather than to offer a uniform solution for everybody. It means that you can promote your business in the most effective way.

Pay for exhibit only when you need it. You can specify how many events you would like to attend with your custom display. After this you can either prolong a rental agreement or return the booth to us.

You don’t need to overpay for storage. Exhibit rental is always a rational solution when you don’t have a possibility to store your display products. When you do not exhibit your booth is also idles. However, it consumes a storage space at your warehouse. If you don’t want to sacrifice this space in favor of a booth, let us take care of it. The concern of storing your display and the associated costs will be on us.

Budget-friendly solution. When opting for custom trade show display rentals you can have a piece that allows you to excel. With this being said, it is possible for quite a reasonable price.

How You Can Benefit From Renting by Exhibe

We’ve been running our business for more than 35 years and for this period we created hundreds custom exhibition display. We consider ourselves to be genuine experts in this field. So whatever task you will throw our way we are sure to handle it. When it comes to custom trade show display rentals we perform the same effectively as with other areas of our expertise. Talk with our representatives about your vision of a perfect exhibit for your needs. We have a great selection of rental elements in our inventory that you can employ. If for some parts of your display we don’t have suitable solutions we will build them for you. Thus, you will have a change to have a unique branded look. Especially when you combine your booth with custom printed artwork (please note that graphics are not available for rent).

You can specify how many times you are willing to use custom elements of your display. Normally, an agreement denotes 3 rentals, but it is a subject for negotiations. Between exhibits your rental exhibits can be stored at our warehouse at our cost. When the renting agreement is over the custom display goes into our possession and it can be used for further rent outs.

So, if you feel that our custom trade show display rentals are suits for your needs please contact us. You can also visit our facilities in San Diego to personally view a great selection of rental options we offer.

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