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Experiential Marketing is a strategy that uses consumer engagement to further increase brand recognition and awareness. Often referred to as live or event marketing . Lets put an emphasis on the live part because this is an in person action not something done over your computer or phone. The goal is to create such a great experience that evokes emotions from the consumer. This will help endear your brand in a positive manner and hopefully encourages them to share the event among others.

Experiential Marketing Displays

Brand Activation and Engagement

For experiential marketing brand activation is simply the process of letting your brand be known to people. While increasing engagement and awareness though live events such trade shows, festivals and pop up shops

Looking to create strong brand activation that attracts a crowd for your next event. Then you first must understand your audience and what appeals to them. With event marketing its best to create a user experience that naturally creates brand interactions with your products and services. Your marketing materials will need to consistently convey your brand message

Once you create awareness you will need to focus on brand engagement. This can be done in multiple ways, in my opinion what tends to work best for live in person marketing is to produce something that is interactive. Give your consumers to glimpse into your products and or services while having your brand be the focal point.

Creating Brand Awareness Through Emotion

Think about it people love Disneyland because it evokes the emotion of happiness. The anti smoking ads are trying to emote the feeling of fear. A successful experiential marketing experience is one the walks the fine line of tapping into an emotional response that ensures your brand sticks with consumer. There is a fine line when it comes to this. To far in one direction or the other and the consumer remembers the emotion but your branding is lost.

You should think about how you want people to perceive your company and than focus your marketing and advertising campaigns efforts around this. You want to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors while staying true to your brand. Sounds easy right!

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is about putting focus on the brand not necessarily a specific product or service. You can include products and services in your strategy if it makes sense to do so. However, I would only does this if it fits seamlessly with the marketing strategy. Otherwise is going to look like a poorly placed product placement and nobody wants to see that. With this type of marketing you are gaining overall brand engagement and exposure since. Consumers are focusing on what your company is about instead of what products and services you sell.

Why Choose San Diego For Your Experiential Marketing?

San Diego is a wonderful city and has a lot of resources to offer. Wouldn’t you want to market your company in a city that has great weather, a large population of diverse people. Multiple event space areas to fit your experiential marketing display or pop up shop. We have convention centers, beaches, hotels, malls. These are all great locations to have a marketing event. Just make sure to choose the right location and fit for your company branding.

Your Location Maters

Even in a beautiful city like San Diego, location and timing is everything when it comes to marketing. Why would it be any different for experiential marketing campaigns? You will want to pick a location that suits your business type with the desired demographics in the surrounding area. Generally you would want to look for an area that has ample amounts of foot traffic or spacing for parking so not deter people from coming to the event.

Exhibe Corporation can help research locations that would be suitable for your live marketing event. We just would need to know details on how you want your brand to presented to consumers, budget, and demographic information on who you idea consumers are. Ultimately it will be up to you to decide what’s best for your company.

You Can Hire A San Diego Experiential Marketing Agency But Why?

Agencies are great and we love working with them. If you are in need for someone to manage the whole marketing campaign process than hiring an agency makes total sense. If you are looking for company that can creatively work with you to come up with the design concept, produce your graphics and build the display needed for your experiential marketing event and save some coin. You have come to the right place. Exhibe Corporation has been building custom displays since the 1982 so my question to you would be why not hire us directly.

Outdoor Marketing Displays

Our Experiential Marketing Capabilities

We have been building displays before the term experiential marketing was coined. We will work with you to come up with something that not only looks great but fits your company needs and budget as well. Listed below are marketing display production

  • 3D Design Rendering: We will work with you to come up with a design concept and produce a 3D rendering that gives realistic view of what your display or pop up shop will look like.
  • Custom Display Building: The sky is the limit when it comes to custom designed and manufactured displays. We will take the consideration the location such as indoors or outside to make sure we use the proper materials needed for your marketing display.
  • Large Format Graphic Production: Again we take into consideration the environment the graphics will be exposed too and use the proper materials for your graphics.. We can produce large format prints, banners, vinyl lettering, 3D lettering and more.
  • Local San Diego Setup and Dismantle: We are located in the county and can make the arrangements for delivering the display to the proper location and provide labor as needed for setup and dismantle of the display and graphic materials.

Look we want your event to be a success and our goal is to help remove the stress of handling your marketing display materials such as the graphics and display hardware. To help ease worries we try to be transparent as possible. We are open to you visiting our location to check on the status of your project, we can send pictures and are available via the phone or email to answer any questions you might have.

Pop Up Shops 

They are a form of event marketing. To me it seems like the new trendy toy for San Diego marketers but really have gained popularity of the past couple of years. For those of who you don’t know what a pop up shop is it’s essentially a temporary installation setup to show case a companies goods or services. These event pop ups are showing up all over the county. Some pop ups are way more elaborate than others but the overall objective of creating brand awareness and engagement remains the same.

Why Pop Up Shops?

Pop up shops are not for every business but they do serve a purpose. Listed below are the benefits of creating a pop up shop. You should if it’s a fit for your company.

Experiential Marketing Displays
  • Branding: Bringing brand awareness to your company, product and services in particular city without making any major commitments.
  • Great For Seasonal Business: Since you generally don’t need to make any long-term commitments they are great for seasonal business that only need to be open for a couple of months of the year.
  • FOMO (fear of missing out): Because pop up shops are generally temporary setups this naturally creates a sense of urgency.
  • Social Media These type of events, especially buzz worthy ones tend to be organically shared on social media. I would also encourage them to do so through your pre-event marketing.
  • Cost Savings: They save costs because you have minimal overhead are not signed into a long-lease or employing people year around.

Look we want your event to be a success and our goal is to help remove the stressors of purchasing your marketing campaign materials such as the graphics and display hardware. To help ease worries we try to be transparent as possible. We are open to you visiting our location to check on the status of your project, we can send pictures and are available via the phone or email to answer any questions you might have.

A Pop Up Shop Is A Lot Like Dating

I would liken a pop up shop similar to dating you don’t have the pressure of the commitment. You’re testing the waters to see how your products and services will be received in that particular geographic location. If not well you close up shop. If you do well you might want to consider something more permanent (IE putting a ring on it).

We can also construct a full on pop up shop but we generally only do temporary installs. However, depending on what needs to be done we can help out with more permanent installations

Here Are 5 Tips To Help With Your Marketing Campaign

We by know means are marketing experts but we have tons of experience with events. Below are some tips that will help your marketing success.

  • Define Your Goal (what are you trying to achieve with your experiential marketing campaign)
  • Set a budget (be realistic and upfront about what you can afford)
  • Understand your audience and how to appeal to them (know the demographic area you are marketing in)
  • Create a call to action that will help you reach your goal (keep it simple)
  • Measure ROI (you should always test and measure the success of any marketing campaign)

Sounds easy right! If it was we would all be millionaires but the above mentioned tips are essential to having a good campaign. If you come ill prepared than for sure your experiential marketing will suffer.

How To Measure Your Experiential Campaigns Success

You need to justify the time and resources spent to run an experiential marketing campaign so at the end of the day just like other marketing strategies you are trying to attract new consumers.

Have them engage with your brand and leaving them with a new appreciation of your company, but most importantly convert them into customers. You need to justify the time and resources spent to run an experiential marketing campaign. Its easy to measure something you can count such as conversions but what you can’t measure is the goodwill and enjoyment that your company brought upon the people. This amity could definitely help with future purchases.

What You Get With Exhibe Corporation

We are a hardworking display company that has been in business for over 25 years. Whether you need graphics and hardware or full pop up shop built we’ve got you covered. We are ready to help make your experiential marketing event a huge success. Contact us today and learn for yourself what our capabilities are and how we can save you money.

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