In the sea of lifeless, boring, and uninspiring exhibits and booths that plague trade shows across the globe, wouldn’t it be great to stand out from the crowd? Your are only one click or a phone call away from receiving a free no obligation quote on a custom display.

Why Custom Trade Show Booths Are The Answer

You only get one chance to make the perfect first impression. That first glance from a trade show passer-by can make a world of difference if they are greeted by an incredible display that shouts the benefits of choosing your products and services. Don’t let these golden opportunities go to waste – a professionally designed and built exhibit is a real game changer at any trade show.

Putting your best foot forward with an attractive, functional, and professional exhibit could be the difference between closing that next big deal – or walking away empty-handed.

Having that “special something” that allows your business to stand head and shoulders above the competition can make a huge difference. In those all-important initial moments, when your potential customers are judging your brand on appearances only, you want to do everything in your power to create the right impression. And if your booth looks better than what you competitors can offer, then you’re already one step ahead of the pack.

Custom trade show displays offer you a number of powerful benefits:

  • A booth that is unique to your business and your business only
  • A display designed to properly showcase your products and/or services
  • Greater professional flair and improved brand recognition
  • The ability to stand out in even the busiest and most competitive of crowds

It’s no great secret that successful trade show participants invest in tailor-made booths and exhibits, in order to maximize their results. If trade show marketing is an important component of your business strategy, then you can’t afford not to consider a custom exhibit to call your own.

Why Choose Exhibe For Your Custom Exhibit Needs?

The reasons are clear for choosing a custom trade show exhibit. But it’s not enough to have just anybody build one; you need to partner with a specialist company that will get the job done right, and who will deliver exceptional results and value.

When it comes to creating stunning custom trade show displays and booths, Exhibe is your perfect partner.

Our custom exhibits are tailor-made to the needs of your business. We work hard to ensure that your message is communicated to your audience in a clear and concise manner, and that your brand comes to life for every person who experiences your new exhibit. You want every interaction with your brand to be a positive one, and we want to deliver this for you.

The exhibit creation process begins by creating a design that is specific to your objectives, needs, and budget. Many exhibitors are put off the idea of having a custom exhibit built, because they worry it will simply cost too much to be worthwhile. At Exhibe, we allay that fear by working within your available budget. We want to get as much value as possible out of each dollar you have to spend.

We also use our extensive knowledge and experience to analyze your product or service, and then use this to enhance the design process. Because we have our own in-house team of expert designers, this gives us greater control over all aspects of the design, and leads to a higher quality end product.

Highly Skilled In-house Display Builders

Once the design is right, it’s time for Exhibe to bring your exhibit to life. Our skilled in-house production team use their extensive knowledge to build your custom trade show displays to the highest standards of fit and finish. We understand just how important having a quality exhibit is, and always build with excellence in mind.

We are also experts at packing our exhibits into the smallest possible number of crates. This means reduced drayage costs and more efficient assembly – you save on time, stress, and money! Exhibe can even help you with the logistical side of getting your new exhibit set up, as well as procuring show services in order to maximize the value of your display.

And what if you want to use your exhibit in a variety of locations, all of which are likely to have different dimension and layout requirements? After all, if you’re big on trade show marketing, then chances are you’ll be attending a lot of different shows! Once again, Exhibe has you covered with booths for that can be used in multiple configurations for different spaces. This means that no matter where you wind up showcasing your business, your custom-made exhibit will be working hard for you to generate the best possible results.

When you choose Exhibe to craft your perfect trade show exhibit, you can rest assured that you are being looked after by a team with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. From initial ideas, to designing the best possible custom trade show displays within your budget, through to the finest details of the production process, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

We know what makes a great exhibit … so sit back, relax, and let the expert team at Exhibe create a true masterpiece that will make your business the talk of the town at every trade show or exhibition you attend. Now is a better time than ever to see just how valuable an outstanding trade show exhibit can be for attracting new customers and clients to your business.

Get To Know Us

It is vital to find a company that can embody your ideas of a custom looking booth into a real piece. Here at Exhibe we have many years of experience within the display industry in building booths from scratch. Many successfully built custom displays prove our expertise in this field, and we offer our services to your company. Our business is conveniently located in the San Diego County and you can always pay us a visit. We like to see our clients in a face to face meeting; it gives us a full understanding of what your desires and needs are. Since custom displays are built from the ground up and are truly unique the more details you can provide us with the better the trade show exhibit design process will go.


Make your mark with a custom exhibit



Check out all our services that not only help you to have an outstanding display but also make your exhibiting a breeze

We offer a complete in-house exhibit design department with a well known reputation for innovation. Our design services include conceptual renderings, scale models, detailed blue prints and state-of-the-art 3D CAD system. Dare to be different!

Our extensive rental program offer you a wide variety of booths to choose from. From a 10′ x 10′ portable display to a larger 50′ x 50′ exhibit island exhibit. We have the components and expertise to put you on the show floor with an attractive and very effective rental exhibit.

If you are in need of a lightweight but highly durable display then we have the solution with our portable trade show display products. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you selecting the idea system and accessories for your particular needs.

Add impact to your display. Professionally formatted trade show graphics draw attention and attract clientele. Let Exhibe create vibrant looking graphics for your next show or event. These large format graphics will surely help you standout. To learn more about our graphic production proces simply click the button ‘read more’.

Tired of handling the stress of ordering your show services or you are new to exhibiting and don’t even know where to begin?  Let us at Exhibe Corporation help guide you through this tedious process. We have over 30 years in aiding our clients with shipping logistics, show labor, supervision and much more.