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Trade shows are a popular way for companies to promote their brands, products and services. In order to get potential customers to look your way, you need to have a vivid presentation. A vital element of such trade show presentations is your booth. Looking to gain the audience’s attention, exhibitors strive to show unique, eye-catching booths that attract visitors as a magnet. The market for exhibition displays has a multitude of solution, however, most prefab stands do not provide a unique design. Luckily, you can have a luxury of purchasing an individually crafted display. We know you have many custom trade show booth manufacturers to choose from. Each has its own approach on how they design and manufacture exhibits, pricing policies and the quality of their products. Here, at Exhibe Corporation, we know how to create impactful custom displays. Our company has an immense experience and knowledge in creating a branded one of a kind tailored booth for your business.

What Distinguishes Great Custom Trade Show Booth Manufacturers

The main principle of our work is total client satisfaction. We know that success of our business is determinated by you, the consumer. We take into consideration your ideas and brand when creating booth that not only represents your company but also its spirit. There is a lot of hard work that goes into producing a one of kind exhibit. A custom display is like a storefront for your business. Tat’s why you want it to be well thought out and appealing to its audience. To achieve this goal, we gathered some of the best designers and exhibit builders in the industry and we are constantly improving our skills to deliver the best possible result. Read on to find out what aspects make Exhibe Corporation one of the most successful custom trade show booth manufacturers.

Experienced Team of Talented Designers and Display Builders

Unlike the production off-the-shelf displays for mass market, creation of booths with individual design requires special skills, expertise and creativity. As in many areas of our lives, they come with experience. We have more than 35 years of manufacturing custom built exhibits under our belt. With this wealth of knowledge and hard learned education over the years, we have become adapt to recognizing the display needs of our clients more effectively. Our expertise in the field also allows us to offer smart solutions for your booths.

Striving for Innovations

The influence of new technologies leaves its imprint on the process of production. While most customized booths are still handmade, innovations mainly affect the stage of design and materials used. Our ability to offer and implement new, fresh and revolutionary ideas is what makes Exhibe Corporation true professionals. Moreover, our goal is not only to fabricate a beautiful piece. We also strive to make it highly functional, lightweight, and convenient for shipping and assembly.  Therefore, we use modern lightweight and durable materials that in combination with our creative designs allows creating some of the best custom displays on the market.

In-House Production

Exihibe Corporation is one of a few custom trade show booth manufacturers with own production facilities. We believe that only by putting significant investments, efforts, and labor we can receive a highly efficient production. Only such an approach guarantees an unsurpassed result. Unfortunately, some exhibits manufacturers do not have in-house production. They sub the process of design and construction to other companies. Sometimes such a system works. But this increases the risk of mistakes, provokes the loss of uniqueness and lack of communication. Production process may also slow down. Therefore, if your business wants to get a great display, entrust its fabrication to a company with own production capabilities.

Ability to Understand Clients’ Needs and Implement Them

The main purpose of creating tailor made displays is to translate ideas and image of your company into a booth. That’s why we create exhibits precisely focusing on your wishes (and not on something that is convenient, simple or faster). We also know that budget is another important aspect we need to take into account while working on your display. Therefore, we never offer dull and uninspiring designs or projects with unrealistic budget allowance.

Monitoring Current Trends

The booth design also has its own tendencies and so to say, fashion. Therefore, striving to always be among the leading custom trade show booth manufacturers, we consider these trends as well. Modern displays are becoming lighter, more convenient and durable and we put or best foot forward to craft our tailored booths with these features. We made it possible due to the use of lightweight but sturdy structures and materials.

Great Communication

As one of the most efficient custom trade show booth manufacturers, we are firmly confident that the pledge of our success is in the ability to hear and understand our clients. It’s no secret that creation of displays with individual design is often more complicated than that of their portable counterparts. Therefore, the successful implementation of the project largely depends on how good the communication process is. We know it is vital to comprehend your ideas, be aware of your needs and the final result you want to achieve. Hence, here, at Exhibe, we are always open to dialogue, ready to answer all your questions, and inform you on how the work on your project is going . This ensures that you get exactly what you want, in a timely manner and without unnecessary stress.

Why Exhibe is Your Reliable Custom Display Manufacturer

Manufacturing custom trade show displays is our passion. Exhibe Corporation was created in 1982 solely as a custom exhibit house. We have since then expanded our product line to fit rental, portable and modular displays but custom has always been cornerstone of this company. In our work, we always strive to use innovative technologies, new materials and modern design. If you need your one of a kind exhibit, we are glad to offer our services. Just call us today or visit our San Diego office, and we will turn your dream of a perfect custom trade show display into reality.

Turns Your Custom Booth Ideas Into Reality
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Do you want to have a trade show booth designed exactly for your needs? Exhibe has formulated a process that we like to call intelligent design. We take into account all your requirements regarding your current and future shows and create a truly unique exhibit. Our team tres not only to provide you with a personalized booth but also minimize its costs . We achieve it by designing with a use of modern techniques and materials.