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In Need of an Innovative interactive Custom Booth

If you are looking for ways to improve your trade show booth and really excite and draw in visitors, having interactive elements in your exhibit is a great option. Below we take a look at what interactive custom trade show displays actually are, and how you might benefit from using them.

What Are Interactive Custom Trade Show Displays?

Put simply, an interactive booth would be considered a form of experiential marketing. Which is a type of live event marketing that brings brand awareness to your display through sensory and emotions. This could be as simple or imaginative as you like, and incorporate different kinds of interactive components. The most obvious sense is sight, through the use of visual elements. However, there are other exciting ways to use the senses too. By utilizing sound, scent, touch and taste you can also create interest and get people more involved in your display. It is also science proven science memory and the senses are linked. Therefore, employing interactive custom trade show displays will make your brand even more memorable.

How Interactivity Can be Achieved

Making your exhibit interactive doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the simplest, but, nevertheless, effective ways to do it is by utilizing interactive elements. Such elements can be touch screens, interactive walls, kiosks, and much more. They let visitors get acquainted with your multimedia content, play games, operate virtual mechanisms, read informational articles, etc. These devices as well as software allow you to engage visitors into some activity within your booth, have an experience in interacting with your products, learn more things. And they can do it in a fun and entertaining way.

Besides interactive elements, you can use other options to engage public. If you sell food or drink, offering free samples is an obvious and easy way to get people to interact. I’m sure you have also seen car manufacturers displaying their new car models in the middle of shopping centers, giving you a chance to fully engage with their product. The reason this method is used? Because it works. People do not often part with their money easily, so giving them the opportunity to ‘try before buying’ allows them to feel reassured and content that they are spending their money on something of value to them.

By using music, sounds, lighting and even smells you are able to make attendees feel they are stepping into a new and exciting environment. It will depend on the type of a product or brand you sell as to which way you can approach an interactive display.

The Benefits of Interactive Displays

Getting people to engage and interact with your interactive custom exhibit you can really generate interest and give them a positive and memorable experience. You can use such a booth to help visitors learn and enjoy new things about your brand and products. But this is not their only merit. Interactive displays will help people to understand and memorize more, as they often present information in the form of entertainment. It also helps people to engage with your products or brand without a need for extra staff and representatives.

In addition, this makes your display more inclusive to people with impairments and disabilities, which is incredibly important in today’s business environment. The more people you can reach, the better. So, making your exhibit exciting and informative is much easier with the help of interactive custom trade show displays.

Interactive Booths by Exhibe Corporation

You can use modern technology, or simply your imagination and creativity, to develop a display that excites people and makes a memorable impact. Exhibe Corporation specializes in all types of custom exhibits and rental displays. We can also work with you to create an interactive display that is sure to wow the audience. No matter what exhibit you think is best for your needs, we are sure to offer you a product you desire. Just contact us through our site, call us or visit our office in San Diego. Our friendly and highly educated staff will gladly answer all your questions and help you to make the right decision.

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True custom booth displays imply such a trade show product that is created individually for your business. It is not just a prefab booth with custom printed graphics. In fact, we build such exhibits keeping the specific of your brand in mind. It means that the end result will be capable to showcase your business and your products in the best light.

Would you like to possess a display that is attractive, versatile, and easy to maintain? Then we are proud to present our custom hybrid displays. These booths have customization possibilities due to utilization parts of modular or portable displays which you can reconfigure at our discretion. Find out more about these affordable custom hybrid exhibits.

Exhibe Corporation is an acknowledged award winning trade show display company. We especially proud ourselves in creating tailor made boots with individual design. Our company has in-house production and a team of talented designers and display builders. This allows us to create impactful custom trade show booths of the highest quality.
The main distinctive feature of our modular display stands is their reconfigurable capability. This means, that purchasing one trade show booth, in fact, you can have multiple exhibits with different look. It is possible due to the modular parts that you can add and change at you discretion. Lean more about how your business can benefit from using custom modular displays.

Trade show attendance includes not only attractive displays. You also need to ensure the normal work of your booth. To do so you need to organize a lot of things, beginning with shipping your exhibit and ending with show labor. This can be very stressful, especially for beginners. Now you can entrust these troubles to Exhibe. We will take care of your trade show service needs.