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The business-boosting power of a custom trade show exhibit is clear. If your business markets at trade shows and exhibitions, then you need a display that reflects the brilliance of your products and services. But what if the thought of purchasing an exhibit seems a little too extreme? Wouldn’t it be great if there was another way? Now you have more options with Exhibe’s trade show display rentals program.

Whether it is a 10’ x 10’ portable display or a 50’ x 50’ island exhibit, we offer a vast selection of trade show exhibit rentals. Exhibé has the display hardware and expertise to put you on the show floor with an attractive and effective rental booth. Our custom rental exhibits provide your company with the incredible opportunity to have the professional presence of a uniquely crafted display at a mere fraction of the cost of buying. All of our trade show booth rentals are customized to meet and adapt to your specific show needs and marketing objectives. Take a look at some of the rental options we have available by viewing our catalog.

Why Select Trade Show Booth Rentals?

Establishing a marketing plan is a very important aspect of attending a trade show but equally important is the presentation of your display. There are many booth options available in the trade show market from portable exhibits to custom displays but few offer the versatility and affordability of renting.

Uniquely Crafted Custom Rental Exhibits

Renting offers an affordable alternative to purchasing a custom exhibit. Exhibe Corporation’s trade show rentals are designed to be unique and help you stand out amongst the crowd. We offer all inclusive turn-key options that include supervision of booth setup and dismantle. These packages are designed to take the stress out of exhibiting.

When It Is More Beneficial to Rent

It is no doubt that owning a display has definite merits. However, the market of trade show displays provide exhibitors with options that can be more beneficial in some cases. Exhibit booth rental can become a solution for companies that make the first steps in exhibiting and not ready to invest in purchasing own booth. Businesses that don’t attend trade shows on a regular basis can find this option more advantageous as well. In addition, choosing a rental display you eliminate expenses needed for maintaining, storing, shipping and repairing a booth; your vendor will take care of it for you.

Furthermore, opting for trade show display rentals you will have plenty of options to choose from. You can have a different appearance at every new show with a new booth! Just imagine what prospects it can bring for your trade show marketing. Exhibit booth rental program also lends flexibility when you want to make a step from small portable exhibits towards bigger displays and back.

And finally, when your strategy is to participate in many events nationwide what you definitely don’t want to do is to ship your booth across the country all the time. The risks can be too high, let alone the cost of transportation. Finding a vendor with good rental offer at the place of your venue can be a more attractive option.

Benefits of Our Exhibit Booth Rentals

Trade show display rentals are great booth options for first-time exhibitors or their experienced counterparts. Our rental exhibits offer savings over purchasing a display. Exhibitors who chose to rent from Exhibe enjoy savings on labor costs, shipping, drayage, and booth storage fees. You can save even more by picking some of our rental accessories products that include a variety of options such as tables, chairs, couches, etc. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to place an order for one of our displays as well as other trade show rental equipment to upgrade your booth.

Still not convinced? Here’s why renting an exhibit from Exhibe is a fantastic option for your business:

  • Save time and stress – our rental service does all the hard work for you.
  • Profit from reduced labor, shipping, drayage, and storage costs.
  • Enjoy all the branding and business benefits of a custom exhibit at a lower cost.
  • An ideal option if your business is testing the waters with trade shows for marketing. Rent an exhibit to see just how effective this marketing channel can be!
  • And finally, spend your time focusing on what really counts; showing your audience the value of your products and services. Let the experts at Exhibe sort you out with a fantastic rented exhibit, allowing you to do what you do best.

It’s time to take the plunge and see just how effective trade show marketing can be with the use of trade show display rentals from Exhibe. Our team of experts will help your business get the best results and achieve incredible returns from your marketing efforts.

Our Trade Show Display Rentals Program in San Diego

Looking to exhibit in San Diego? No worries, our rental exhibits program is at your disposal. We offer a wide range of trade show display rentals from smaller portable booths to larger 50′ x 50′ custom rental exhibits and everything in between. Our office is conveniently located 25 minutes from the Downtown convention center. Many of the exhibitors have already appreciated how easy and turnkey our rental process is. You can find our displays used at some of the biggest local events such as Comic-Con, Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Health & Fitness Expo, ATS and many others. Do you exhibit in different cities or across the country? It’s not an issue, we have strategic partnerships with some of the top vendors in the industry and can serve your needs nationwide. Talk to our representatives today and together we will select the best rental option for your company.

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Check out all our services that not only help you to have an outstanding display but also make your exhibiting a breeze

Developing a conception of intelligent exhibit design, Exhibe creates a highly effective process where we foster your ideas into reality. This allows us to design and produce highly effiecitive displays that are not only visually appealing but also fully functional. We take important aspects into account such as look, feel, weight, lighting and traffic flow.

Whether your goal is to wow visitors or to create a branded picture within attendee’s minds custom exhibits will be the best solution for ambitious exhibitors. We take your input and craft a unique displays that will promote your business and highlight your products and services. When appropriate we use the latest in technology and materials to make sure your custom booth is relevant and useful for years to come.

Need a simple, cost-effective but attractive solution for your exhibiting needs? Then our portable trade show displays is the answer. These booths are available in a multitude of sizes and designs. At the same time they all feature lightweight but durable frames that are easy to maintain.

Trade show graphics is a necessary attribute of every display. At exhibitions they are the channel through which business conveys their marketing message to visitors. Vivid, bright and bold graphics help in brand recognition, create positive perception among attendees and promote your business.

Are you afraid you won’t be able to handle with exhibiting on your own? Exhibe is here to help you. Whether you need shipping, supervision or show labor we will take care of you. Entrust all the work to specialists with over 30 years of experience in this industry.