Sometimes you don’t need to go big to have an fruitful presentation. To pull off your marketing goals it is not always necessary to arrange a full-fledge display. For certain venues something compact but powerful can be more than enough. When exhibiting at marketing events well designed tabletop trade show displays can promote your brand effectively and provide similar impact as larger portable exhibits. They are convenient, lightweight, budget friendly, and, finally, they really do their job. So let’s see how your business can benefit from using one of these stands for your marketing activities.

Benefits of Tabletop Trade Show Displays

Available in a multitude of styles. When it comes to selection a tabletop display, the abundance of options can really surprise you. Among the range of these displays you can find miniature versions of floor-standing booths, smaller variations of banner displays, and also fast to set up briefcase exhibits. Tabletop booths are also available in a variety of shapes and designs. Some of displays have clear geometric lines, for example, pop-up booths popular among many exhibitors. Along with this, we also offer exhibits with more sophisticated designs, such as Xclaim booths that feature characteristic appearance. In any way, you can easily find a product to suit your exhibiting goals and fit your brand’s needs.

Easy to travel with. With a lightweight and compact design, these tabletop trade show displays are designed to be transported easily from venue to venue. Sales people appreciate these booths since they can be setup or break down In minutes and then quickly packed away to ensure the ease of shipping. These factors make tabletop stands great solutions for an exhibitor who is always on the go. In conclusion, you can ship these products using a common courier or take with you in a car or plane.

Fast and easy display setup. Fast and easy display setup. If you need a quick presentation, there is nothing better for this purpose than one of our tabletop displays. They are literally installed in seconds. The briefcase style stands are the most efficient in this regard. All you need to do is to simply open briefcase exhibit like a book and you are done.

Cost effective. These small and handy stands are a cost effective investment for marketers looking to have professional flair when promoting their company. They do an excellent job at venues where you do not need to erect a large exhibit – at career fairs, chamber events, recruiting event, etc. At the heart of tabletop trade show displays are reliable mechanisms able to withstand years of use. Back these facts up with saving on transportation and you will get one of the most versatile and economical trade show products in the market.

Types of Tabletop Displays

  • Portable tabletop displays. These stands are smaller versions of full-size portable exhibits. This means that you also get all the advantages of such booths – durability, attractive design, speedy assembly. In addition, you can supplement such stands with accessories (shelve, halogen lights, etc.)
  • Tabletop Banner stands – are a smaller variety of floor-standing banners. Retractable tabletop displays feature a simple mechanism to showcase your graphics. You just load the cassette with a graphic panel and in order to demonstrate it you pull the canvas out and attach it to the pole
  • Briefcase tabletop booths feature a self-contained system. The whole display consists of 3 panels attached to each other with hinges. Whenever you need to make a presentation, you just open the panels and the stand is ready to go. And when a presentation is over, within mere seconds a display turns into a carrying case.

How Can Exhibe Help You in Finding the Right Tabletop Display

So now you know that tabletop trade show displays are a very economical but handy solution for your marketing needs. Perhaps, you would like to have one of these little aids in your arsenal of trade show display products. We can help you with this. Our company dedicates ourselves to assisting you with finding a perfect portable display for your business. Therefore, we created a portable division of Exhibe to better serve your trade show exhibit needs. Visit our website at to browse through a wide selection of products we offer. Our friendly team is always ready to answer any questions that may occur. We are sure that our knowledge and expertise in the field will help to improve your exhibiting experience.

Trade Show Tabletop Displays
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Check out all our services that not only help you to have an outstanding display but also make your exhibiting a breeze

Do you want to have a trade show display with one of a kind appearance? How about a display that you can customize which, at the same time, is easy to setup and lightweight? Look no more! Try one of our custom hybrid displays. They utilize elements and parts of other displays. You can combine these parts into an absolutely new product with unique look and all the benefits of donor displays.

Open a whole new world of endless possibilities with our interactive custom trade show displays. Such booths feature unique enticing appearance and the ability to present information with a deeper level of involvement. It is no doubt that interactive booths by Exhibe Corporation will leave the lasting impressions among your visitors.

Being established in 1982, Exhibe Corporation is one of the most experienced custom trade show booth manufacturer. With our in-house design and display building departments we are able to create genuinely luring one-of-a-kind exhibits. We have knowledge, expertise and skills allowing us to create thousands of stunning displays able to engaging your visitors’ attention.

Many exhibitors would probably like to have a display that can modify to meet their various trade show needs. With our modular display stands this dream will come true. These sturdy exhibits consist of modular parts. You can reconfigure them to create booths with different look and functionality for every event you attend.

You have probably taken part in trade shows and other marketing events. Then you know that you need to prepare and organize plenty of things. It takes a lot of energy and efforts to take care of important aspects of exhibiting. Luckily, you can rely on Exhibe in providing you with quality, fast and trouble free trade show services.