Trade shows are known for being great venues to find prospective customers receptive to your business and product its produces. However, exhibitions also attract myriads of other companies that compete for visitors’ attention. Therefore, to win this battle you need to stand out among the crowd. There is no better way to do it than by presenting an eye catching booth. There are many trade show products on the market and choosing what to include in the display and how to set it up is one of the biggest challenges in exhibition marketing. Luckily, you have a chance to create your own exhibit, suitable exactly for your needs, with unique design and built exclusively for your business. True custom booth displays give you the benefit to be different from your peers, and you can’t miss the chance to be in the winning position.

true custom booth displays

Why The Right Display Is Vital

As many exhibitions already know, a right trade show display ought to convey to the viewer what your business is all about. And, of course, it should command professionalism and induce visitors to buy from you. Something vibrant, eye catching and strongly branded is going to do the trick! It is vital that your display is unique and stands out from all the rest if you really want to get the best results possible.

You have only one chance to win the battle for customers. If you fail to engage visitors’ interests it means that your competitors will get them. Don’t let it happen! Uniquely looking customized displays attract the most attention. So getting your display right is vital when it comes to winning visitors favor. A good display is the difference between a great show, and an abject failure.

What Are True Custom Booth Displays?

A custom display is designed and built from the bottom up to be a perfect match for your brand. We create these booths with your company’s image, branding, products and services in mind, rather than a ready made display product that you can enhance with graphics or accessories.

Some exhibitors may have an erroneous perception of custom booths, believing that a standard display plastered with fancy graphics will turn into a unique product. However, a custom booth is not just a graphics kit. Opting for one of Exhibe’s true custom booth displays you get a genuinely unique booth, which is tailor-made to your business, products and brand. Of course, there are other types of custom trade show products, for example, custom hybrid displays, but these booths are not built from the scratch. Their look can be personalized by adding or extracting parts of portable or modular exhibits. These displays resemble a Meccano set that you can modify according to your requirements while we build our true custom displays initially keeping your needs in mind.

How We Produce Our Custom Displays

Firstly, you’ll talk to our expert team about your business and work out what you need from a custom display. Based on the information we receive from you, we create a 3D CAD render of your perfect trade show display. Once you’re happy with the design we get to work bringing this render to life. Our team will craft your tailor made display from the ground up. The end result of our creative ideas and skillful labor is an effective and truly unique display for your business. After all, our goal is to create a tool that will help you make the most of your attendance at marketing events. As you can see, the process is simple, but the outcomes are incredible!

20 x 20 custom booth

Why To Choose Exhibe For Your True Custom Booth Displays Needs

The benefits of choosing Exhibe true custom displays are clear. These stunning booths are able to wow your prospective clients. Simultaneously, your team will find it easier to pitch to the attendees using a display that has been tailored specifically for the needs of your business.

Our immense industry experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of what it takes to create a successful display, especially a custom one. We know that custom means more than a few stickers or decals. We skilled and knowleadgable on  how to deliver an individually built exhibit for your business!

Unique Tailor Made Exhibits

By choosing true custom booth displays by Exhibe, you will ensure that your business is always putting its best foot forward when it comes to trade show marketing. We comprehend how to turn your exhibit vision into a unique, tailor made display with great commercial outcome for you and your business.

Handcrafted booths from Exhibe is the answer for putting your brand front and center of people’s minds. Your business will stand out from the crowd with a display that is truly unique. People will fock to your display like moths to a flame, and your brand will have a long lasting impression even after the event is over!

Talk to the Exhibe team today about how you can use our true custom booth displays to achieve incredible results from trade show marketing.


Standout With Our True Custom Displays



Check out all our services that not only help you to have an outstanding display but also make your exhibiting a breeze

Do you want to have a trade show booth designed exactly for your needs? Exhibe has formulated a process that we like to call intelligent design. We take into account all your requirements regarding your current and future shows and create a truly unique exhibit. Our team tres not only to provide you with a personalized booth but also minimize its costs . We achieve it by designing with a use of modern techniques and materials.

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Are you in need of looking grand at your next trade show but don’t have an ample budget? No need to worry, our rental exhibits program is at your disposal. We offer displays, counters, flooring and furniture for rent. Among our rental products you can also find full packages. We take care of everything for you including handling show services. Find out more about our exhibit rental offers.

Whether you are new to exhibiting or seasoned veteran portable display products can fulfill your exhibiting needs. These lightweight and easy to ship booths are designed to save time and money. And with all of this they still look great. Add some eye-catching graphics to customize and add individuality to your display.

A well designed trade show booth creates a brand image through the use of colors and graphics. This can be achieved through the use of our vibrant printed graphics, signage, video walls or their combination. Let Exhibe help you in making a positive impression and attracting more visitors.

Trade Show Services

Preparing for a trade show can be very tedious and seems like a very daunting task, especially for inexperienced exhibitors. Let Exhibe Corporation handle everything for you! From shipping to ordering show labor, we guarantee to save your time and nerves.