If you are an experienced exhibitor you might have heard something about custom hybrid displays. However, do you really know what they are and why many companies consider them to be a right choice for their trade show needs? We find it to be our duty to tell you more about these booths and how you can benefit from using one at your next marketing event.

CUSTOM HYBRID DISPLAYSWhat Are Custom Hybrid Displays?

Custom hybrid displays are distinguished from other trade show products that they utilize booth sections, accessories and elements from other exhibits, most often from modular and portable displays. They lend the vast marketing possibilities by combining the benefits of different booths, into a custom, affordable display that meets all your requirements.


Opting for a hybrid booth you can incorporate the best parts of different display options. With custom hybrid display you can make use of aluminum extrusions and tension fabric structures, as well as adding the benefits of a custom display. With a variety of options, including graphics, extrusions, lighting and accessories, you can fully customize your displays for maximum impact. You can have a display that is truly unique and magnetizing for the show-goers.


Providing you with a great customizing power, these displays are ideal for those who value creative flexibility. Along with that, hybrid displays can be more flexible and portable than their custom counterparts and at the same time they are more versatile and uniquely looking than pop-up displays. So, you get the best of both worlds – a custom flair and easy transportation and set-up.

Budget Friendly

Hybrid displays create a great impact. In addition, they can turn out to be a more money-saving option when compared with other display choices. With hybrid displays that can be designed for easy reconfiguration, as well as utilizing elements of portable and modular displays, a totally unique booth can be created. This means, that whilst the initial investment might not be cheap, you can receive versatile and customization booth options that can be easily changed and reconfigured if necessary in the future.

island custom modular hybrid displayIs it the right choice for me?

Ultimately, that is up to you to decide. When choosing a trade show display, you must consider everything you want your display to be able to do. Also, you need to take into consideration how much flexibility and customization your booth provides. Of course, budget is an important factor too, and hybrid displays fall somewhere in the middle. There are certainly cheaper and more expensive options, but hybrids work effectively in combining the merits of both. And with all these benefits such products offer a surprisingly affordable price. If you are looking for a good value option, custom hybrid displays is a choice that meets your needs.

We are Here to Help

Now you know more about custom hybrid booths and how they can be useful for your promotional trade show needs. If you are interested to know more about these types displays or get a quote you can always contact one of our representatives or visit our San Diego office. Our highly educated and experienced staff will consult you on all the questions you may have. If you are still not sure what exhibit will best suit your needs do not worry. Just tell us what your booth and budget requirements are and we will help pick the right display for you.


with our versatile and convenient custom hybrid displays



Check out our other services. They will not only help you to have an outstanding display but also make your exhibiting a breeze

Every company that attends a trade show or other marketing event wants to win the competition. To do so it is important to draw attention of visitors, to make them interested in your company. If you want to wow attendees and leave your competitors empty handed you need one of our stunning custom made trade show display built according to an individual design.

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Many exhibitors believe that they can customize their display by adding branded graphics and accessories to ready-made booths. However, here at Exhibe we believe that a true custom display is something more than a decorated off-the-shelf product. Our tailor-made exhibits are built from the ground up according to your design. True custom booth means that you will have a genuinely one-of-a kind display.

Do you want a trade show display with one-of-a-kind appearance that you can customize to meet your requirements?  Do you want this product to be also easy to setup and lightweight? We have a solution for your needs. Try one of our custom hybrid displays. They utilize elements and parts of other displays that you can combine to make an absolutely new product.  Such an exhibit will have a unique look and all the benefits of donor displays.

What can be better than a trade show display that can adjust according to your marketing needs? By purchasing modular display stands you will have a really versatile product that can take a look that you desire. By adding or extracting modular parts you can receive displays with a custom appearance. In affition, it allows reconfiguring your booth to meet your exhibition requirements.

Trade Show Services

To ensure success of your trade show activity it is not enough to buy a display and arrange product samples. Additionally, you need to organize shipping your trade show items to and from the show, hire show labor, hook up electronics, and other vital tasks. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about all this stuff. We can offer our trade show services.